Inbox Previews for Annotations!

PeakInbox is excited to announce Inbox Previews for Gmail Annotations. We’re not talking about mock-ups, but LIVE screenshots verified on a real Android phone (iOS coming soon!). And, you can now review your Annotation in both light and dark modes before sending!

One of the largest frustrations email marketers have with Gmail Annotations is the inability to get a real preview of images. This makes it hard to share with other departments, run through your QA-process, or get final approvals. While other tools have provided mock-ups, PeakInbox has cracked that nut, and is the only tool with verified screenshots that we call Inbox Previews.

Check out this example from our Early Access client RAC, who has been using the feature for several months:

We also streamlined the QA process for you by adding external sharing for Inbox Previews that lets you send to your client or approval team directly so there is no more guessing how your Annotations will render.

Next up for PeakInbox are iOS previews. Though the Android preview works well for iOS, we have noticed minor differences between Android and the iOS Gmail app, so we want to create a validation step for both instances. 

Current clients will find that Inbox Previews have been added to all accounts! Along with our code validation, you can now send email with confidence that every time your Annotation will appear as expected. New to PeakInbox? Check us out here!

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