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Latest from the Blog

What’s going on with Annotations?

2/20/2023 UPDATE: Gmail has published the new version of Annotations. New blog post coming soon with all the details, and updates for PeakInbox to support the new code If you have been wondering why you haven’t heard much about Annotations from PeakInbox for the better part of 2022, it is because they have been pretty…

Inbox Previews for Annotations!

PeakInbox is excited to announce Inbox Previews for Gmail Annotations. We’re not talking about mock-ups, but LIVE screenshots verified on a real Android phone (iOS coming soon!). And, you can now review your Annotation in both light and dark modes before sending! One of the largest frustrations email marketers have with Gmail Annotations is the inability…

Welcome to PeakInbox

Just want to jump right in? Head to over to peakinbox.com/earlyaccess As email developers, the most exciting moments for us are when new technologies emerge and invite us to imagine the future of email. After more than two decades of experiencing the cycle of curiosity, excitement, and eventual disappointment (Hotmail Active View, anyone?), we are…

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